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Be Like a Crow Rulebook (Physical Copy)

Be Like a Crow Rulebook (Physical Copy)

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Be Like a Crow is a solo or two-player role-playing game that invites you to take on the role of a corvid, exploring one of many worlds and completing objectives whilst meeting other creatures and collecting weird and wonderful objects.

All that is required to start playing is the rulebook, a pen and paper, and a deck of cards. You can choose to play a crow, raven, rook, jackdaw or magpie and journey through one of six settings: urban cyber, steampunk, fantasy, gothic amd Tower of London. A series of expansions are also available for different settings.

Spread your wings and take flight with this unique RPG.


  • 80 printed pages
  • A5 Black & White Softcover
  • 8.3" x 5.8" (210.0mm x 148.5mm)

Target Audiences

→ Seasoned role-players hungry for something different.
→ Newcomers who want to learn the main concepts of RPGs.
→ Creative writers.
→ Lovers of crows and other corvids.

Selling Points

→ A great way to get an RPG fix when your session is cancelled.
→ Perfect for the commute or the coffee shop.
→ Role-play stimulation for GMs and players alike.
→ Comprehensive introduction to RPG concepts for newcomers.
→ Tons of replayability with different birds and worlds to explore.

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