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Be Like a Cat, solo-RPG, Rulebook (Physical Copy)

Be Like a Cat, solo-RPG, Rulebook (Physical Copy)

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Be Like a Cat is a solo or two-player role-playing game that invites you to take on the role of a feisty feline exploring one of many worlds and attempting to take control of territory. Think cat mafia! The core rulebook contains all you need to get started, including scenarios for urban, cyber, pirate, space and ancient Egypt adventures. Sharpen your claws and lick your toe beans; it’s time to fight for your turf.

A 80 page Hardback book with stunning art throughout.


  • 92 printed pages
  • A5 Full Colour Hardback
  • 8.3" x 5.8" (210.0mm x 148.5mm)

Target Audiences

→ Seasoned role-players hungry for something different.
→ Newcomers who want to learn the main concepts of RPGs.
→ Creative writers.
→ Lovers of cats.

Selling Points

→ A great way to get an RPG fix when your session is cancelled.
→ Perfect for the commute or the coffee shop.
→ Role-play stimulation for GMs and players alike.
→ Comprehensive introduction to RPG concepts for newcomers.
→ Tons of replay-ability with different birds and worlds to explore.

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